Behind the Scenes


Special thanks to Sebastian James and Manuel Ortmann for the great photos they took.


The main font is Skolar Sans by David Březina and Sláva Jevčinová of the Rosetta type foundry. Code examples and snippets are displayed in Adobe’s Source Code Pro.

My logo is set in Canapé by Sebastian Nagel.


This site was written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery by hand and is based on Bootstrap.


For content management I use the fantastic Kirby by Bastian Allgeier. It is written in PHP and based on plain text files and markdown.


The fixed aspect ratio for the teaser boxes at the start page uses code from Marc Hinse.


Beside jQuery this site uses the .validate plugin by Jesus Sayes to validate the contact form and PhotoSwipe by Dmitry Semenov for the galleries.


For coding I used Brackets. Instead of plain CSS I prefer Sass (or SCSS) which enhances CSS but needs to be compiled to CSS before going live. This is done with Bryan Jones’ CodeKit. Furthermore, I use MAMP for a local PHP server and Transmit to sync with my live server which is hosted by Sysprovide.