About Me


After my graduation from secondary school (Gymnasium) with an emphasis in technology I worked as a volunteer for the Landesmusikrat Niedersachsen e. V. (Lower Saxony Music Council). In 2014 I gained my Master of Education in music and physics at the University of Osnabrueck to become a teacher. However, during my studies I got to know TeX and fell in love with the great typography it can create.

A portrait of Tobias Weh.

Driven by this fascination I started to work on a second degree in graphic design at the University of Applied Science Bielefeld, where I mainly focussed on typography and corporate design. Since summer 2017 I’m “back to school”: after my teacher training at the Gymnasium “In der Wueste” in Osnabrueck, I’m now a full time teacher for physics and music at the Gymnasium Bad Essen (near Osnabrueck).


In 2011 I released my first class musuos together with a matching bibliography style biblatex-musuos as a template for papers at the Department of Music of the University of Osnabrück. In the following year the first version of menukeys—a package to print menu sequences and short cuts—was released. Another package of mine is metrix (more) which can be used to add prosodic symbols to (Latin) verses.


  • An overview of my work regarding can be found on CTAN and GitHub.
  • Furthermore, I am an active user at Q&A site TeX.SX.
  • I collect some typographic images at flickr.
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